About Modern Playground

The idea for Modern Playground stemmed from Basic Need. Faced with a long summer vacation entertaining three school age kids and a baby, Meegan Fruits decided it was time to find some new and different parks to explore. She ran to her tried and true laptop and set out to gather a list of fun places to visit. She needed parks with killer pathways for her skateboard-loving 6th Grader, sweet swings for her 4th Grade flyer, intricate monkey bars for her daredevil 1st Grader, and soft, spongy grass for her beach blanket babe. Clean bathrooms, easy parking and close proximity to good coffee could only serve to sweeten the deal. However, Meegan quickly discovered that she couldn't find one perfect place to find all of the information she desired. And since she certainly didn't have the time to cruise from website to website, putting all the necessary bits and pieces together, she decided to start a site of her own. 'Cause she'd certainly have the time to do that. Right?