The Review Team Defined

Meegan and Eric: Married for 13 years, Meegan and Eric love life with their four (four!) sweet lovely well-mannered wild and crazy kids. They don't find much time for grownup movies, leisurely dinners or scintillating conversation. But they do find lots and lots of time for swings, slides, monkey bars, and teeter-totters. Any park or playground within spitting distance of good coffee (or stiff drinks) receives a full tilt on the Playground Meter.

6th Grader Jack: Athletic and energetic, Jack loves a playground with variety. He wants to climb high, chase over all kinds of play structure terrain, and take skateboarding breaks as needed. Grass for soccer, a hoop for basketball, or a court for tennis, enhances his experience and gives him plenty to text his friends about while taking a water break.

4th Grader Max: More Thespian than Sports Kid, Max looks for great swings and killer slides when he visits any playground. If there's some kind of water feature to be found, preferably fountain vs. wading pool, then Hallelujah! He'll be happier than Homer Simpson in a doughnut shop.

1st Grader Zöe: With more climbing grace than your average primate, Zöe is a monkey bar aficionado. She likes standard monkey bars, curving monkey bars, swinging rings and fixed loops. But who are we really kidding? Zöe will turn anything into an opportunity to climb. Her mom, however, is most happy when the climbing happens on the play structure and not on her living room mantle.

8-month-old Leo: Sweet, round and roly-poly, lil' Leo loves any cushioned place where his mom can throw down a blanket for playtime. As well all know, however, these dear baby desires will change in mere minutes. Right around the proverbial corner, Leo will be compelled to crawl, scoot and walk into every death-defying scenario the play structure will throw his way. In other words: Fun Times Ahead! (Refer, please, to that earlier mention of stiff drinks.)